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Cultivating awareness is at the heart of everything I teach. I am passionate about sharing the tools and techniques of yoga, movement and mindfulness, to support others in living well. I aim to make this functional, easy to understand and relatable to our everyday, modern lives.
Classes focus on the breath and somatic experience. My style of practice emphasises developing ease of being, a deeper sense of embodiment and gently building mobility, strength and resilience. Sessions are spacious, explorative and inclusive.


“I feel like I have just had a massage.”

Feedback on Mindful Movement & Relaxation classes, from a regular attendee

“I loved the course, it was a great size group and I felt everyone was supportive and sensitive to each other, due to the environment Amy created and the sense of calm in the studio. I really enjoyed discussing and learning the different aspects of meditation and mindfulness. It has given me an excellent grounding to move forward and I would recommend it to absolutely everyone. It was my oasis of calm in a mad week. After every class my mind felt fresh and open and eager to discuss all the topics from class. I don’t think I could rave more about a tutor, studio or course. My only complaint is it was only 8 weeks and I could do it forever. Thanks so much Amy!”

8 week Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation course student

“I have been taking Amy’s classes for around a year, and I have noticed a massive shift in my body and my awareness of what my body needs. I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 15 years  in various joints in my body and have often taken yoga classes over the years, but they were never good at helping my condition.  With Amy I finally feel like I can be at ease and know that Amy understands what I need rather than trying to force postures that just don’t work for me. Amy doesn’t just make adjustments she helps you really be in tune with your body and you will uncover even the smallest movements have a huge impact. I highly recommend Amy’s classes, you won’t regret starting this journey!”

Feedback from a regular Mindful Movement & Relaxation class attendee

“It was a great course, even after the first session I felt I had learned so much. Amy is a great teacher!”

8 week Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation course student

“I’ve always been somewhat of a sceptic when it comes to yoga and relaxation exercises because I’ve never really found them to work for me.  I have taken Amy’s Mindful Movement & Relaxation class once a week for a few months now and can wholeheartedly say that no matter what sort of day I have had or what sort of week I have had, the class always relaxes me. I sleep better and my mood has generally improved. Amy’s teaching style allows you to acknowledge your body and mind without ever judging them and let’s you sink slowly into a very relaxed state. I look forward to the class each week and cannot wait for the next one.”

Regular Mindful Movement & Relaxation class attendee

“Amy is a wonderful instructor whose energy reaches you through the computer.”

Somatic Yoga class attendee

“I really enjoyed the soothing quality of the class.”

Somatic Yoga class attendee

“A calming, refreshing, energising practice of mind, body and breath.”

Somatic Yoga class attendee