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Online Classes

Mindful Movement & Relaxation

Every Monday, 19.30 – 20.15 UK Time

A 45 minute class to fine tune awareness and soothe the nervous system. In this session you will be guided through a series of embodied movements and relaxation techniques. The class is suitable for all, with different options given to help you find what works best for your body. It is supportive for those experiencing stress, burnout, persistent pain and/or fatigue.

Please email to join. Each session costs £6 per person.

Mindfulness Meditation

1st Sunday of Each Month, 19.30 – 20.10 UK Time (1 month access to a recording of the session, included)

In this monthly session, you will be led through a 30 minute mindfulness based meditation practice. This will include a hearty dose of relaxation to help settle the body and mind.
You can lie down for the practice, with blankets and maybe a couple of pillows to hand, to make it extra cosy. It can also be done seated. Have your camera on or off – whichever feels best for you. There is time to chat and ask questions at the end of the session, for those that would like to. It is a friendly group and a wonderful companion to help you build and develop your mindfulness practice.  

Please email to join. Each session (including the recording) costs £5 per person.

Private 1:1 or Small Group Movement or Meditation

Day time and evening appointments available

You may wish to learn more about embodied yoga, somatic movement and mindfulness meditation. This can be done 1:1 or in a small group (up to 3 people). The sessions will be completely tailored to your needs.

Private sessions can deepen your learning and specifically serve your individual requirements. e.g. movement for those that may be bed bound or experiencing persistent pain or fatigue or mindfulness, breath and relaxation based practices to help ease a racing mind.

Please email to book. Each session costs £60 (this can be split per person, for small group bookings)